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Ok so here it goes. I spent the weekend in New York at Fort Ti for a reenactment, I figured it would be the same old same old. The sulters were there so I'd shop and take part in the battle then go to 2nd Mass for their Tavern. Well I completely broke down about 6:30 Saturday night. Vicky came and sat with me and talked to me. So then she said that I needed to go meet people. So off we went to 2nd Mass and sang some songs. But then the British made a lot of noise so we went over and there I was introduced to three guys, a 21 year old, a 22 year old and a 23 year old. I was told to have my pick. Vicky said only as "Friends", but hey. Then they shot off the cannons for some sort of think for the public and the native americans went wild down below us. It was a crazy start to the night. So I go back to 2nd Mass and Vicky and Henry take a walk. When they finally come back, we stayed for about an hour. Vicky wanted me to talk to the guy next to me but he smoked. So we went back to the British camp and had some fun. Their songs are really bad and get worse as the night goes on and they get more drunk. Surpising? Not in the least. So finally the creepy guy with all the weird and very bad and gross songs gets too trashed and leaves. By now it is midnight and people are leaving to go to bed. Thats what Vicky and I tried to do but they kept us around. I had my eye on a guy named Richy, he is the 21 year old. And he seemed to be staring at me a lot so I tried to ignore it because Vicky said he was trouble. But Anyhoo Vicky is trashed, and she is talking to a guy next to her and she asked him his age, he was 18 and she was so happy she was like, "Heather 18, yea?" I said no my age or up. Richy asked how old I was and I told him I wan 19. So finally Vicky caught the drift and asked if I liked Richy, I nodded my head a little and she made him sit next to me. About five minutes of talking I found out that he is going to Dartmouth College to become a Doctor and that he had dated girls outside of the hobby and hated it and he dated one girl from anouther British regiment for three years, But the last six months she cheated on him and he went to surprise her on her birthday and her frind had to tell him. I felt soooo bad so I told him about what Flister did to me and how much of an ass he was. So Richy asked me to take a walk and Vicky was like, "I need to watch them if anything happens Henry will be mad," so the whole group of us took a walk but some of Richy's friends held the group up. He took me to the 1st redout and it was creepy as hell during the day and at night it was even creepier. It was said that in that redout was where the "Ladies From Hell," (a highland regiment) made theie last stand and died. It was said that you could still hear the bag pipper and see the men fighting. Like I said a really creepy place. So we sat down on the higest point and talked. Then came the group they walked right by and went into the woods. So Richy was really nice and asked if he could kiss me and I said yea. It had been so long since I had kissed someone like that and it felt good. So he tried to lift my skirts and hit my knee and I jumped, myy knee is really ticklish so I told him to stop and he did. Then the group came back and walked right by. Now Richy is wearing a huge whit shrit and I have my cap still on. Well they walked by at least four times before I finally got creeped out and ran for the road, but before that Richy and I did a lot of talking, and I mean a lot. He thinks that the fact that I want to be a firefighter is cool and that I know what I want and that I dont want to settle for less is really sexy. I felt kinda weried but I let it go. So we walked back towards the camps and stopped to kiss and hug, talking the whole time too. She he took me to the best view of the Fort and talked some more and kissed a liitle. He asked how long it would take for me to get over my ex and if I would keep him informed. He kinda sorta asked me out but didnt. I really think that I like him a lot but the next even it Saratoga and maybe I will be there and maybe him, well I think that he will be. But Vicky will be pissed if I go because she knows that I would be there to see him. She kinda went after him when we all got back to camp. She said that she would never take me to the british side again and Timmy said that they didnt want her and then Richy put his arm around me and said that I was welcome any time. Now that set her off. But I finallt got her to leave and go to bed. The next mroning when I talked to her and swore that nothing happened and that he didnt try to get me to sleep with him she was fine and told me what happened at Hurberton. She was the one that made all the moves towards him and she didnt know if I was strong enough to tell him no, but I was. So it rained that day and Vicky went to say sorry the night before after we left the fort. I walked with another woman of our group and then walked back to see him, I used the excuse that I was looking for vicky. When Richy saw me he had a huge smile on his face and seemed happy to see me. So Flash foward to about 10 and the rain had stopped. I was talking to Joe from 10th Mass and telling him about Richy when he came from around the next Cookfly. He said that I left my hat and he set down a hat. I said that it wasnt min because mine was under the table he said oh well you have another and walked off. I called him a Jerk he asked why and I said because you wont talk to me, his answer was "I guess you'll just have to chase me" so I did. I was in bare feet because my shoes and stockings were soaked. I caught up with him at the cannons. He looked even better in day light and he had such beautiful eyes. He said that he would be back after his saftey inspection. and then said Vicky must have set him up and I agreed. So here comes another down pour and Henry makes the desion to leave when the weather breaks. So I get a pen and a peice of paper and write down my numbers and run over to the British camp. I tell him that we are leaving right now and that I wanted to say goodbye. So he goes to empty his tent and I kinda run after him and I slip on the mud and he caught me. He told me to give him a huge before I get wet and I move my blanket and said too late, so he said before you get even more muddy. I gave him a hug and asked if he wanted my number, he said yes and That he didnt have paper on him or a pen. So I handed him the paper, he said thanks and kissed me once more before I ran back to help pack up. So that was my weekend and I really had fun and hope he calls me soon. But that night he tasted sooo good, I will never forget my first time at Fort Ti.
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