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I have no clue about anything, I dont know today was one of those mixed up days. I have been listening to audiobooks on Itunes to keep me going though work. It is helping a little bit until I get so into it that I stop working without thinking. But yea thats whats going on. Oh that little brat melissa has finally gotten a facebook account and I blocked her. She is suck a nosy bitch and needs to get over herself, I mean seriously. WoW three fucking internships, which by the way you usually dont get paid for. As I have a before the addition of glycerol to 40 hour job and a part time one one weekends. What ever she is just a slut and a back stabber.

In other news Alex and Mike are going down to North Carolina this wendsday. There going to see his brother and then the next week I turn 19 and there are only 2 years till I can legally drink! lol
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