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Well last night I had a very odd dream. It was about the fair and the RMCP and Flister, Melissa, Alex, Mike, Andrea, Travis and Peter. It was so crazy. i was walking through the arena with Peter from the fire department and I met a guy names Chris, a RMCP, and he let me help him. Then Peter got called away. Chris asked if I could come see him later tonight and go out. Me of course I said yes, DUH! but then I was sitting in the arena with mike and alex. I introduced them to Chris and they talked. Next thing I knew flister came running after me as Chris turned to leave. HE was saying that Chris would never be good for me and her was the best that I would ever get. I told him to fuck off and the chris knocked him out. Well lets just say things happened that night.
Next I was at home and chris came there and asked to marry me. It was crazy but I said yes and Then I was in one of my college classes and The teacher made the comment, "Seems like you know how to get them, huh?" No one go it but my come back was, "My dad could never keep a secret could he?" Then I told every one and Travis looked all hurt and then I woke up.
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