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I wasnt sure this would work, I havent written in a long tinme. Looks like I am back, and I have more to write about now then I ever did. Lets see I broke up with Alex cause he is a lair and a cheater, I wont talk to melissa cause she is a backstabbing bitch cause she had sex with Alex behind my back. AND they BOTH lied to my face about it. But hey thats life right?

So that chapter is over and I graduated from NST and I am on my way to NSCC for fire science and I cant wait. So many hot guys and me the only girl. YAY! But after that I want to get my RN. SO six years of college, not too bad. Maybe I'll go inot the Coast Guard as an Officer, but hey life is full of twist and turns.

One just like Jason. Yea a new fling...kinda. He is shipping off for Basic next Wendsday and i am trying to find a way to tell him that I love him. We went to high shcool together and I used to beat him up in Coach Worths math class. Coach got a kick out of it. I guess parents know better than we do. Hate is some times love hidding. Well he is off and I am scared and worried for him. I really hope he calls me tomorrow so I can talk to him and all. But I dont know, things are just so crazy here.

OH! I had my gallbladder out last friday. Yup that was fun. 45 minute procedure turned into 2 hours. I was swearing for three days. But I am better now, I am walking better and even staying awake longer!

And all of this just after graduation. Welcome to the real world I guess. lol

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